Gist for safe riding
Date: 2020-02-21
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1.while on wet road, it’s difficult to brake, so urgent brake should be avoided in case the motorcycle slips and falls down.

2.while approaching the street corner or crossing, speed should be slowed down, after turning the corner, speed can be added gently.

3.while crossing still vehicles, be careful to ride for without seeing your passing, the driver is possible to open the door suddenly. wet condition, the railroad tracks and the iron plank paved on the construction site will become very slippery. while running to such kind of facilities, the speed should be slowed down, and the motorcycle should be kept vertical, or it’s possible to slip. motorcycle can make the braking wet, inspection should be made as usual before riding.

6.make sure to wearing the helmet while riding.

7.the motorcycle shouldn’t be loaded excessive goods, or it’ll lose stability. Goods should be fixed on the loading holder with well-knit roped, loaded loosely will affect the motorcycle’s stability and also scatter your attention to road conditions.


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Author: Haojin
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