How to maintain EFI Motorcycle when it is not used for a long time?
Date: 2019-12-04
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The biggest difference between EFI Motorcycles and conventional models is that the fuel supply system is more intelligent. In addition, its overall structure is basically same as that of carburetor models. Therefore, when this type of motorcycle is parked for a long time, the items needing attention are basically same as those of conventional models. 

1. Remove the battery. When the motorcycle is parked and the generator does not work,the battery will be out of power. The easiest way to avoid this is to remove it from motorcycle and charge it every two to three months. The advantage of this is to ensure its basic life.

2. For EFI vehicles, due to the lack of oil drain port, fuel can only be sucked out from the fuel filler with oil pipe. The advantage of this is that it can reduce the damage of fuel pump due to qualitative change.

3. The choice of parking. The parking of the motorcycle is also particular.First of all, to ensure the appearance of the motorcycle is dry and clean.Second, it is necessary to supplement the tire pressure. The most important thing of the vehicle parking must be parked in a dry and cool place and try to level the vehicle. If the conditions allow, it is also necessary to keep the front and rear tires suspended.

The EFI motorcycle can be stored by the above-mentioned operation. If the time of lubricating oil exchange is close to the maintenance cycle, the maintenance of the vehicle should be carried out in advance. Because the engine oil has not only the function of rust prevention but also with lubrication. That used lubricating oil will decline the performance.So the lubricating oil can be replaced properly according to the time of adding.

According to the above operation, when the vehicle is used again as long as the battery is reinstalled and the new fuel is added then the vehicle can be ridded normally. Relatively speaking, the corresponding operation is helpful for the later service life of the vehicle as well as the reuse of the vehicle, so try not to be troublesome and combine the above operation with the actual situation to handle.

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