HAOJIN Motorcycle Participating the 126th Canton Fair
Date: 2019-10-17
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In 15th October 2019, the 126th China Import and Export Commodities Fair will open in Guangzhou. Driven by the continuous changes and upgrades of new consumption styles and new customer demands, HAOJIN Motorcycle, as one of the key enterprises of Chinese motorcycle industry and the biggest exporter of Chinese motorcycle products, is taking a big leap in technological innovation, product development and user experience, setting a new example for the industry.

1571297239231057945.jpgIn this fair, the HAOJIN exhibition area will be full of sense of science and technology. New self-developed products will be displayed and several revolutionary products will be the focus of the fair, showing the achievements in technology and R&D. Among them, the newly developed cub LYNX will draw wide attention. After 2 years R&D, Lynx will surely attract people by its looks and performance since it has new appearance and stronger power. This cub is fitted with newly developed CT110 engine. This engine is a masterpiece of advanced technology, of which the WMTC reaches as low as 1.9L/100km, demonstrating a technological breakthrough, showing the ‘go beyond boundaries’ challenge spirit of HAOJIN Motorcycle.


Furthermore, HAOJIN Motorcycle will release many star products to attract foreign purchasers, like LYRA the cub, EVO (1st Generation /2nd Generation) the street racer, ARES, Hawk the off-road, TAURUS, FABIO and electric motorcycle series, etc. The whole series of products will combine the factors of technology, environmental protection and physical attractiveness, make worldwide purchasers feel the unique charm of Chinese intelligent manufacturing.


In this fair, HAOJIN Motorcycle will convey the attitude of ‘making great motorcycles with surpass, innovation and breakthrough’ to the world. By listening to voices of the market, knowing demands of customers and making innovations in products, HAOJIN Motorcycle is now building a sublime brand image in market overseas.

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