Safety Tips for Motorcycle Riding
Date: 2015-06-16
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Motorcycle riders should be more careful about their safety on the road since a motorcycle has no iron shell protection as a car does. From the experience of many people, here are some basic tips for motorcycle riders to bear in mind so as to better prepare you on the road:


1. Choosing a superior-quality and suitable motorcycle for yourself: do not buy the inferior, unlicensed, and over-displacement motorcycles that are easy to give rise to accidents on the road.

2. Take a systemic training before riding on the road: get your driver’s license and improve your driving skill.

3. Check the motorcycle to make sure every part works properly and effectively before riding it out.

4. It is better to wear colorful clothes and clothes made of reflecting material in the night while riding on the road; be sure to wear a qualified helmet to protect your head.

5. Keep a good mindset, not too confident or careless.

6. Keep a proper speed on the road; pay attention to the changeable road condition and take active safety precautions; safety speed is (no higher than) 50km/h in city, 60km/h on paved road and 90km/h on highway.

7. Ride with proper sitting posture and avoid fatigue driving to be alert and quick at emergencies.

8. Check and watch out the back traffic condition via the rearview mirror before start up or changing lanes; avoid sudden stop or sharp deceleration unless special situation occurs; slow down before making a turn (do not retard while making the turn); do not ride a curved route across the crowded vehicle lines.

9. Never drink while driving.

10. Do not make a phone call (even if handfree on) while riding.


Haojin  Motorcycle has been always taking the rider’s safety as her first priority, manufacturing high-quality products and providing satisfactory after-sales services; therefore, that is the reason why Haojin was awarded the title of "Excellent Product with Trustworthy Quality Certified by State Authorized Organization" and "National-Level 100% Satisfactory Enterprise in Terms of Quality and Complaint Settlement Rate".

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