Motorcycle Starting Tips for Winter
Date: 2016-02-25
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1531297211333086980.jpgDuring winter morning when the temperature outdoor is quite low, the oil of the motorcycle has been flowing back to the crankcase after one night  storage. Also, the camshaft, rocker and other parts became poor in lubrication so the motorcycle should be properly warmed up before hitting the road. Things you will need to do:


1. Before starting, kick several times to turn on the fuel and crankshaft so the oil pump could drive the lubricating oil to every friction surface;

2. Open the choke, make sure you're in neutral, turn the throttle into 1/4 - 1/3, and press the "start" button or "kick start" the engine to life;

3. Turn down the choke after startup, let the engine idle for a few minutes making it fully warm up;

4. Turn off the choke, engage the first gear, and slightly turn the throttle switch then the bike will start to run slowly.


Under low temperature especially extreme condition, strating the engine causes mechanical wear and more fuel consumption. Due to lower operating temperature, engine may not reach its optimum performance. Consequently, keep the engine idle for a while untill it reaches a temperature high enough to allow it to operate efficiently. Then drive the bike for some distance in low gear. While engine transmission parts gradually run smoothly and reach the normal temperature, you can change into top gears.

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