Ignite Your Dream - HAOJIN EVO150
Date: 2014-09-02
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Integrating the 20 years' outstanding quality and various pieces of innovative technologies, EVO150 is a masterpiece full of innovation, with tough appearance, comfortable and secure operation, ample power and fuel efficiency. Leading the fashion with its cutting-edge design and excellent acceleration performance, EVO150 brings you wild and extreme riding experience and ignites your racing fever with its sporty gene.

Overwhelming and Trendy 

The keywords of the first impression on EVO150 are similar for most people. First, it is robust and tough. No matter for its muscular appearance, large-sized exhaust pipe in the inverted triangular shape, or its 110/80-17 large rear tire, it is unconventional. Second, it is trendy and hip. Its V-shape front shroud, headlight, protruding tail, exposed rear light, polygon reflectors, and intakes on the tank shroud are unique. Viewed from the front, EVO150 is splendid. Its sleek and graceful tank is gorgeous and elegant. The combination of the black aerodynamic set and the black CBF engine bestows abundant mechanical beauty with power and sense of reliability .


Excellent and Powerful 

As a heavyweight among HAOJIN sportb
likes, EVO150 is quite a force in power. The vehicle is equipped with a CBF150 engine with a built-in balance shaft. The engine is famous for its super power, low vibration, energy efficiency, and high quality and reliability. It is also used on the HAOJIN ZEUS model, which received wide appraisal from the market. The  CBF150 engine used on the EVO150 is tuned specially to cope with the configuration and body features of the vehicle. For a 150mL displacement motorcycle, the 12.2 Nm torque at the 5500 r/min rotational speed is tremendous. After fine tune-up, the power performance and economic performance of the vehicle is balanced in the optimal range, making sure that the fuel consumption is within a reasonable range while the power output is great.


Comfortable and Secure 

Using a diamond-shaped frame with high anti-distortion performance and bearing capacity, EVO150 is highly reliable and secure. The rear central suspension system connected to the frame is a standard configuration to heavyweight streetbikes, effectively neutralizing vibration from the road and enhancing turning reliability. In addition, the suspension system can be adjusted based on cycling behavior for optimal performance in various conditions.  For a heavyweight streetbike, the brake system is much more important than the suspension system, which is obviously clear to the EVO150 designers. Among competing products, the braking configuration of EVO150 is the best. EVO150 is equipped with a 250 mm diameter disk brake with a dual-piston caliper in the front, and a large-diameter drum brake with lengthened brake lever in the rear for greater braking force. HAOJIN also offers the dual disk brake configuration option for the EVO150, which ensures that the vehicle is easy to stop with the dual-piston caliper.

Riding Experience 

As a heavyweight streetbike, EVO150 is not "heavy". After straddling the bike, being seated comfortably, and balancing the vehicle, riders can easily land their feet on the road.  After start, the CBF150 engine is quite responsive under the drive force given by the motor, and starts right away with a squeak. Then, the profound sound of the engine comes from the exhaust pipe.

The 5-speed transmission system offers light and easy operation, and smooth and accurate gear shifting. During the starting, after the rider opens the throttle slowly and pulls the clutch lever gently, the vehicle starts to move slowly. After being throttled more, the CBF engine shows its wildness right away. Its rear tire spins fiercely before it grips the ground and pushes the vehicle forward immediately. The speed is surprising.

The stable body and ease of control of EVO150 please us on a suburban mountain road. Its sufficient torque performance in low speed turns each throttle into enjoying and easy moments. For a high-speed turning,  EVO150 is quite reliable, no matter for its frame, suspension, or its tires: It never loses control for a sudden change of gravity. The braking system is easy to control and responsive for a 150 kg vehicle on a mountain road. It feels light and easy to operate, just like a bike.


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