Warmly Celebrating That Haojin Has Won The Canton Fair Green Custom-Built Stand Award
Date: 2017-06-26
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Green custom-built stand has always been highly recommended by the Canton Fair and it will take a process of comprehensive review and strict sifting to win this award. There were 8628 exhibitors in Phase One of the 121st Canton Fair and only 99 enterprises got this award. Haojin Motorcycle has got this honor again with the unique and creative booth design and products manufacturing concepts of energy saving and environmental protection. Meanwhile, Haojin was also the only enterprise winning the award in Motorcycle Exhibition Hall 13.1.


Haojin Motorcycle has given first priority to quality all this time. He lays emphasis on product’s innovation and carbon-conscious emission. He was the first to impel and implement the National IV and Europe III Emission Standards, integrating the international concept of low-carbon economy into every aspect of life and work. At the 121st  Canton Fair, Haojin won the Green Custom-built Stand Award again, which confirmed that Haojin has devoted himself to the products of energy saving and environmental protection for a long time. Haojin will control their products’ emissions at a higher level as they always do and bring out more excellent products to the global consumers.


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